This enormous party universe includes a huge choice of products which make you fall in love with them. A specific element for every event, this is simply amazing. All their products are really cool and they have been carefully selected so everything is very nice. Those little details will turn your party into an unforgettable moment of your life, especially if we are talking about kids; they may thing they are dreaming! Jelly and Blancmange will make their dreams come true!

What Can You Find?

Everything you can imagine a party may require: tableware, napkins, straws, candy cups jelly & ice cream pots, table covers, plates…all of them inspired by a huge variety of themes: Pretty vintage, tea party, adorable Alice, party animal, strawberries and cream, pony club, party, sweet sixteen, magic party…They also offer a little sweet shop, sweet tables, candles and accessories for cakes, party bags, balloons, party hats and games…

As you can see, every single detail is included in this big shop, you don´t have to look for every element separately. This will make your life easier, don´t you think? Furthermore, there are lots of original ideas which will be loved by kids!


A huge variety of little original details. This is the key of their success!


They have a gallery of party inspiration which will provide lots of ideas to create a great party! Take a look!