It’s not the first time we mention Jimmy Cricket brand, and we are sure this is not going to be the last one. There are not many wallpapers which make us fall in love as those offered by Amanda Newton (brand’s founder) this season.  These elegant, daring wallpapers fill every room with magic, especially kids’ bedrooms. Today, we bring some of the novelties you can find on their web. Some wallpapers talk about nature, both from a bucolic and wild point of view.

Jimmy Cricket: Classy Wallpapers


We must tell you where you can find these cute wallpapers we are showing today. They are offered by jimmy Cricket and Jimmy Cricket is Amanda Newton, a woman who-in 2009- created some patterns with some artists she looked up. Then, a new style and a new concept were created and its products make us fall in love once and again. There are not colour or design limits on their patterns, so they are able to wrap a whole space, creating feelings at first sight. Take a look to the pictures, as they are the perfect example of this.


Wallpapers Filled with Living Nature


We really like their latest collection, at least what they show on the web. Instagram shows more models although there are some which are not available anymore but they show what Jimmy Cricket is able to do. However, if we had to choose, we would take those which show natural elements.


They remind us those antique wallpapers full of decorative elements. However, they are never too much; they just provide their own style. These papers show friendly animals, such as squirrels or owls but also plants. They include bright and cute colours, from green to pink tones.  There are lots of options which have made us fall in love.

Wallpapers which Invite Us to Travel


We can also find hot-air balloons, whales and other animals which remind us that there are no limits for our little ones’ trips. In this case, we can see elegant lighter colours which are –as well- charming.


There are some models in which illustrations must be underlined. Take a look to that wall paper where we can see a special sea bottom where whales, ships and hot-air balloons share the space.

Exotic Wallpapers


Trends are important. Tropical style has become a must in kids’ rooms. Thus, Jimmy Cricket offers some models with this print which includes wild nature full of exotic plants and animals such as leopard, colourful birds or sloths.


We really like them as they can provide kids’ rooms with a funny touch. They are quite far from those Nordic spaces we love but they are also elegant and warm.