I like projects that consider kids intelligent, capable of enjoying a good story, capturing a great design, charming with a melody….Today I want to share with you an authentic delight, a storybook app developed by creative studio Meikme.

The Journey of Alvin is a movie app with which you can accompany Alvin, riding his old mower, willing to travel 400 miles to be reunited with his brother. It is based on true events that inspired David Lynch to create the film The Straight Story.

Shall we accompany Alvin on his journey?

journey-alvin-interactive- road-app-kids

In this road-app, you’ll share his experiences, meet new friends, hear the birds singing, feel the rain, watch the colors of the sunset… knowing that speed is not important, but the enjoyment of the journey.

The Journey of Alvin uses a cinematographic language, where the different shots and scenes are perfectly combined with a poetic, well-built text and a soothing narration. An emotive music accompanies Alvin during all his trip, remarking the unhurriedness of the journey. An impeccable work in every way.

journey-alvin-interactive- road-app-children

The creators, lovers of Saul Bass and Paul Rand children’s books, has design characters and landscapes of geometric shapes and bold and surprising colours. The interaction is subtle and fun, it arrives with people, animals and elements that Alvin find along his trip.

Meikme invents applications for children based in stories that have influenced them as adults. It’s a good way to entertain and stimulate the imagination of the younger ones and in turn help parents share moments and experiences with them.

They are working on an Alvin wood toy (you can see it on their Facebook page) and new apps for kids. This creative studio is definitely one to bookmark!

Get it on: Apple Store, Google play or Amazon app store. This artful app is available in English and Spanish and  it has a children-friendly interface (no ads, no in-app purchase).

+ info: meikme