This French brand was created by two old friends who met after 15 years in a Commerce school. Sabrina Colas, an interior architect in charge of the creative studio and Franck Pirotais, a manager of a company devoted to the production of furniture ma at the workshop.

Their collaboration had a result: Jungle by Jungle, a brand where modern and fresh designs are wrapped by beauty and functionality while they keep the charm of handmade pieces. Aesthetics plays a crucial role in their image so every single detail is carefully selected to offer quality and design to their clients. They also mention that their pieces are designed to last for a long time and become kids’ partners during their growth.

What Can You Find? 

You will find desks, chairs and tables, all of them sharing a personal design which will add a glam touch to every space. Colour is also a main element in their collection so we can find blue, grey, orange or pink tones to be easily combined with every style.

Design and quality are evident if we take a look to their products so we consider them as a guarantee for kids comfort.


Their main feature is the charm of their furniture. Handmade pieces which mix cool lines with traditional production. The love and thrill used to create every product are shown in the brilliant result they obtain.


There’s a lovely description of their furniture on their site: “Contemporary and round lines which will travel and will be transmitted for times through kids’ innocence and poetry of happy childhoods” Simply lovely, don´t you think?