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It had to be made by Rafa Kids, who else! That is exactly what I thought when I found this fantastic desk some time ago. This small business founded by a couple of architects is growing rapidly; Agatha is in charge of the aesthetics and Arek is responsible for the technical part. They have two sons, Frank and Robert whose initials are part of the business name “RaFa Kids.” As parents of two children, they perfectly know how important it is to find children’s furniture that is functional and nicely designed. With a great knowledge of decorative trends and emblematic furniture, this couple based in Rotterdam creates their own furniture and presents clean and modern designs.

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In this occasion, they show us the new K Desk, named after its leg shape. If you look at it, you may remember the old school desks, with a hidden organizer space for storage. But the designers managed to make a new version and the lid can also be set in an open position, creating a perfect exposition space to stick kids’ homework or classroom timetable. Kids can open and close the lid as many times as they want as if it was a secret cover.

Agatha also put attention to the industrial style design and she found many drawing desks which had K-shaped legs. In this way, you can glimpse old-style designs in this new piece of furniture that she managed to convert into something totally functional and modern.

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It catches our eyes that their furniture is always made from natural bare wood, no ornaments. In this sense, it is easy to combine and it brings brightness and calm to your kids rooms. If you are interested in something else to match your decor, here you find more furniture with the same decorative style. It has the typical look of Nordic style decor, influenced by the architects’ place of residence.

The desk goes perfectly with an X-shaped stool, made in a one piece, blending with the room. Both pieces of furniture are perfect for your children’s room, although, according to the designers, they are not only for kids, but also parents. In fact, this furniture is suitable for a study area where older children can do their homework. Furthermore, you can motivate your children to use this space and develop their creativity storing their drawings inside.

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