The designer Mar Gómez lives straddling between Spain and Holland and this fact is present in the Nordic style influence in all her creations. Two years ago, she dared launch a new line for children, thinking about the strings they can attach to home’s objects and inspiring it in nature to develop respect for an environment in them.

Nature inspiration can be appreciated not just in shapes (birds, cats, leaves and trees) but also in materials like recycled birch wood, recovered metal sheets, felt or wool. Nature, white tones and children’s universe are her main inspirations.


A lot of new pieces are offered in Kalma & Violeta, you should start to look for a place for them! Magnetic panels are perfect for pinning pictures of the whole family and they include some bird- shaped magnets made of felt.  Cat-shaped hangers will become the children’s favourite, they will not mind ordering their belongings. Shelves are very cute and they show this trendy Scandinavian touch.


All her creations are the result of her creativity and she makes them in a little studio in Spain. She creates piece by piece with the purpose of creating unique and exclusive objects. Lines are simple and designs are slight and funny at the same time. Furthermore, there is a distinctive feature. She knows how to mix textures with metal and felt in the same piece in a perfect way.


But making little details is not enough for this shop. They also produce wrought-iron beds for boys and girls. They are perfect for a children’s room. Their lines are pure and their headboards simple so they can be easily combined with every decoration.



In addition, they are made to order because they are also handmade. They are children’s iron beds that will survive the most active kids and which will become the perfect place to dream. Their offer includes bunk beds that become two, canopy beds or the simplest models. Our favourite colours are white and ivory, but they offer a huge choice to choose.

To sum up, Kalma & Violeta collection is perfect to get a Nordic and Scandinavian style, not only to the kid’s room with these headboards and beds but to the home’s rest with all these gorgeous complements we are in love with.

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