It’s difficult to find stylish diaper bags. There’s no need to sacrifice style just because you need something for all that baby gear. But if your diaper bag isn’t practical and comfortable, you will not use it. You need something that makes your life so much easier! Today we bring you a diaper bag just as trendy as your handbag or backpack and really functional. A diaper bag designed for you and developed for the baby.

KAOS is a Norwegian brand focused on Scandinavian design and high-quality materials. Its mission is to pimp parenthood with smart and stylish gear. KAOS has designed a unisex diaper bag and a great storage bag.

Their clean design and beautiful colours make them perfect for modern, well-prepared parents. Let’s have a closer look!

KAOS Ransel – Diaper bag

diaperbag-kaos-ramseldiaperbag-kaos-ramsel6 diaperbag-kaos-ramsel7

The Ransel is a high-quality, unisex, flexible backpack with a large capacity you will use even after the diaper days are over. This nappy bag is designed for him and her, and fit everything you and your baby need when you are out and about — 8 pockets will help you get organized.

KAOS Samlesak -A smart storage bag for all sort of things

kaos-samlesack-toys-storage3 kaos-samlesack-toys-storage

Samlesak is a Norwegian word meaning “something that gathers stuff”. This playbag is perfect for storing toys, knits and pieces (Samlesak makes the cleaning easier). Coated with PU to remain water resistant, you can also bring it outdoors. Fill it up, wrap it up and you’re done! Furthermore, it can also be used as a circular play mat.

+info: KAOS