As the school summer holidays have just begun here in the UK. Our thoughts have turned to cool ideas for entertaining the kids over the next few weeks.  We love any activity that bring grownups and children together creatively. What better way to start, than with some cardboard boxes, paint, glue and a sprinkle of imagination.

There are some amazing creations that can be made from the simple cardboard box. Resulting in hours of fun, making the creation of choice. Followed by hours of imaginative play. All for very minimal cost. Perfect entertainment!!!

Here are a few of our favourite ideas, with links to the tutorials.


This cardboard swan from Mer mag is just gorgeous. Great for a fancy dress costume or just for swimming around on the rug!!!!

One for the dinosaur lovers from Mini mad things.


A cardboard dolls house, also from  Mer mag, provides endless fun. Perfect for any little interior designer. The decor can be changed over and over again, using wallpaper samples and offcuts or even wrapping paper.


If a dolls house is too small then how about a cardboard playhouse or 3 from a beautiful mess. Ideal for indoor or outdoor play, weather depending. We love how each can be customised to suit every child’s taste.

Lets play shop with a cardboard greengrocers shop from Ikatbag. If vegetables are not a big favourite with your child then it could be adapted to become a pet shop, cafe or any other shop that takes your child’s fancy.

For those of you with super creative skills, how’s this for a project. Beautiful! I’m not sure the kids would be allowed to play with this once it was finished though! Image via Pinterest.


Woah, a cardboard storm troopers helmet!!! A little more grown up help may be required here. But what a brilliant way to encourage imaginative play for little star wars fans.  Full instructions and template available from Instructables. 

Lego head by Zygote Brown Design.


If camping is the order of the day then this cardboard camper van  from the merry thought, should be just the thing.

We are loving the Cardboard vehicles from Emilia keriene. From bulldozers to fire engines. You and your  little people may end up making them all!

Hoping you are now inspired to empty the recycling bin and enjoy a creative summer.


Header image credit with thanks to Zig zag Mom.