Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has designed beautiful, simple triangle-shaped wooden blocks in collaboration with forest conservation organization More Trees. This project is entitled Tsumiki (means wooden blocks in Japanese) is a playful stackable system made of Japanese cedar wood (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council), addressed to children to all ages.

Pieces can be combined as your imagination goes and you and your kids can design unique toys, buildings and sculptures. Create structures of all shapes and sizes with these building blocks. The possibilities are endless!

Kengo-Kuma-wooden-building-block3Kengo-Kuma-wooden-building-block2 Kengo-Kuma-wooden-building-block5

Each block has a V-shaped form, with chevron-shaped indents cut into its ends. These notches allow the pieces to slot onto one another and build up more complex shapes without the need for adhesives.

Once available to purchase, the building blocks will be sold in sets of seven, 13 and 22 pieces.


Kuma’s Tokyo-based studio “Kengo Kuma & Associates” also created a series of giant-sized pieces to form the Tsumiki Pavilion – installed on the occasion of Tokyo Design Week, which took place from 24 October to 3 November 2015.

The temporary structure — a pyramid-shaped pavilion and a series of blocks arranged in a semi-circle — was situated within a park in the center of the Tokyo. Everyone from small children to adults could enjoy creation!

Photography is by Ikunori Yamamoto

via Dezeen