XO-in my room, Kids & Baby Furniture

We’re a big fans of XO-in my room and its unique furniture. It makes beautiful furnishing entirely handmade using natural products (like reclaimed wood) and eco-friendly processes. It creates cribs, beds, desks, dressers…all you need for your nursery.

The company  is a venture of three brothers with a passion for furniture well-designed, made with quality and creative finishings. It’s a collaborative effort; the eldest brother is a professional photographer and a furniture designer, the middle brother is in charge of logistics, and the youngest brother is the craftsman.

Now, they present a new piece: the Baby Buntles Dresser. Inspired by the Mediterranean, you can see fishes, blues, greens, and, of course, wood.


Here are other beautiful products of  XO-in my room. Their design is a mix of delicacy and strength, modernity and tradition. Take a look!


Moi baby crib


Oskar changing station


Irene Writing desk  (detail)kids-baby-decor-mini-lena-star-in-the-skyMini Lena star lamp


Jana Canopy crib


Candy Circus crib

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