Crafts are really in. They are not only a way to entertain us, but a funny hobby to show our artistic face. La De Dah Kids started with a little selection of items created with cotton as the main material. Today, they offer a huge collection which includes crochet toys, rugs or storage systems.


This Australian shop offers lots of ideas to decorate kids’ rooms in a simple and modern style. If you like bohemian style, there are crocheted rugs plenty of colours with classical patterns, they are perfect to get an informal decoration. If you prefer something modern, they have also blankets, rugs, storage bags and puffs with modern designs and prints.



Variety is one of their strength points, they offer lots of colours and designs. They also bring some wonderful ideas to decorate with crochet, just to show you how it looks in a children’s atmosphere. Both if you want a Nordic style or a B&W atmosphere, these textiles are wonderful options. Furthermore, they are really trendy!

In spite of the fact that the rugs are the star products they offer many other things also made of cotton like toys, rattles or mobiles for their cribs. Some cotton toys are the perfect present for kids and they will last for a long time. There are lots of things, from monkeys to unicorns, all of them with their details like little colourful scarves.


Provided that we can describe every single product, we bring you some ideas. Lots of colours, funny and cool style turn the pieces into perfect elements to liven up a kids’ room. Some details such as the storage baskets are also really functional. Now, you just have to take a look at their collection, you will find lots of cute things!



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