A monochrome color palette can be a striking scheme for your kids’ room (if you need some inspiration take a look here). But, what about accessories and textiles? Today I show you some bedding sets, pillow cases and blankets in a black and white style.

Catsandboys makes cute kids bedding with geometric shapes: rhombs, triangles, dots and grid pattern.  Its bed linen is hand printed on the premium quality white cotton fabric, the tightly woven fiber provide long lasting durability with soft, luxurious feel.

I love that patterns are intentionally left imperfect for an organic look. There may be slight variations in the design which gives natural charm of hand printed fabric.





Apart from these bedding sets, Catsandboys also on offer are some multipurpose play mats. You can use them as a teepee mat, warm blanket…Their patterns is simple, stylish and easy to combine.


Tell me, do you like this kind of decoration?  Do you love black and white scheme? I promise to add colour to the next posts!

+ info: Catsnadboys