Fabelab’s ideas can  only be classified as creative. This brand creates home textiles which become new objects, games that allow children creating their own stories and developing their most creative sides.

Daily elements can also be fun. This is the main idea of Michaela, Fabelab’s creator, when she creates her children’s textiles. Thanks to her girls’ point of view, she creates objects to play with, developing children’s skills and help them to learn. Her last creation is Dream-in-Collection. This collection is inspired by 2-years-old children who start to be interested in games to change roles and invent new worlds and stories. It’s a simple way to keep them entertained with just a few things.



Eiderdowns’ system is simple. They can be put on the bed or used as capes by using the Velcro strips located at strategic places. Each piece has its own instructions, but they are using them as they want. Imagination hasn’t limits!

One of the funniest id Dream-in-Ghost. Children can become ghosts who scare every person in their room. It´s very funny and remind us those sheets with wholes we used to become ghosts for a day.


They are new designs reminding traditional games with different roles all of us have previously played. Furthermore, details are carefully designed so there are accessories for every game. A detachable fabric crown, a colour mask or little ghosts who will go with our favourite ghost are included.

If it wasn´t enough, you must also know that Fabelab uses organic cotton to create its textiles to protect children. Furthermore, they follow Scandinavian design trends which are great for children’s rooms. Aren´t they lovely?




+info: Fabelab