Jess Brown is a famous dolls designer who lives in Petaluma, California. Her designs are peculiar and slight with a bohemian touch, like her home. She has two teen children: Stella,16 and Tiger, 13. She has created a functional and creative home to make them feel comfortable.

As Jess Brown says, her home could be described on Pinterest as #bohominimalist. She is right. The rooms are simple and full of peace. White is the base colour and is mixed with several fabrics she has previously chosen. They are her strong point. Furniture is composed by both restored antique pieces and functional pieces found in her trips.


The Stella’s young room is light and clear. Details are plenty of character and personality and they also combine functionality and style. Here everything has lots of uses and it is a true home where everybody feels comfortable. There is also a study room where the daughter expresses her creativity on the walls . There, industrial furniture is combined with modern pieces and what about that Moroccan puff…it’s really bohemian!


The soft details present in Stella’s room can´t be appreciated in Tiger’s although they are quite similar. In the boy’s room you can see his favorite hobby reflected on the wall with the skateboard next to the designer printings we can find in every room.


One of the most spectacular details is that tree in the middle of the room which only a designer could include!


And, of course, her special dolls must be present to decorate some corners! It´s a very family and natural space. It´s a great inspiration to those who just want a home with its own personality!

via mothermag