Do you like colourful atmospheres? You must visit the @bea_kroeze profile. This mum shows lots of atmospheres with bright tones on white backgrounds and lots of great ideas to decorates kids’ rooms. We can find many interesting details but we especially like that eclecticism and style to mix things.

Storage Ideas for The Kids’ Room


Instagram does not only offer mums’ pictures full of kids’ cute atmospheres but also many functional and funny ideas. It’s a cool way to know more about trends because this social network always brings the latest novelties with profiles like this. There’s a huge choice of storage ideas.

We can find soft white shelves matching the walls to focus the attention on the little details on the shelves. Colourful metal boxes, books and lighted signs. Nothing is a random option. On the other hand, they have also considered toys storage with fabric bags with leather handles and a black and white print according to Scandinavian style.

Play Area in The Kids’ Room



The play area is great because it has everything. A rug turned into a race track, a toy kitchen, more storage bags and toys everywhere. We are totally in love with some of their great ideas like that origami lamp with grey touches or that metal bin used to keep their favourite books.


Instagram is plenty of interesting inspirations with mums who show real kids’ rooms with their storage needs, their favourite toys and lots of ideas to copy! We really like @bea-kroeze profile because of it is useful tips and their colourful touches.

+info Instagram via Live Loud Girl