Looking for fun family Christmas activities? Have a family Christmas decoration party! Christmas time means being creative. You can find lots of creative crafts and activities for kids to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Today, we have selected 5 quick, easy to make DIY projects to make.

December can be the month for whimsy and colourful fun!  Pictured above, the cutest garland we have ever seen!  The simplest ideas are often the best and these kawaii faces are so so sweet. Get the how/to at Handmade Charlotte

These elf balloon sticks are perfect for a holiday party and kids love them! Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

These reindeer party balloons are perfect for a party at work, at home, or at school. Furthermore, they really are easy to make but I am sure they catch the attention of all your guests. Get the tutorial at Subtle Revelry.

What about creating a colourful Christmas village… It will add a touch of magic to your Christmas decorations. Get the how-to at Studio DIY.

christmas tree-art

Another option could be creating Christmas trees with the technique of paint scraping. These would make a beautiful school art project or festive holiday decor for your home. Get the tutorial at Hello, Wonderful.


More inspiration for your Christmas crafts here.