Creativity is very important in a child’s development, especially if they can use it to prepare delicious dishes while they develop your cookery skills. Yummy has been edited by Caroline Gomez and it has been illustrated by Nämä Designs and the talent of its creator, Ruth Landesa. We can consider it a little treasure because the recipes are delicious but also its cool illustrations.

The key concept is showing simple recipes that can be easily prepared and modified at home according to the available ingredients in the fridge. Improvisation is always a positive element in the kitchen and a perfect way to teach kids how to use their resources. All the recipes were created by Anne Chateau and will wake up the whole family sweet tooth!

yummy-cookbook 3

There exist two versions of the book, English and French, so it’s the perfect present for them if they speak or study one of those languages. What a good training to learn cookery vocabulary, a new world will be suddenly opened for them and we are sure they will love it!


You can purchase it in the Nämä shop or Caroline Gomez’s as well as in physical stores. Don’t hesitate to start enjoying those tasty flavours, while spending a great time with your little ones. Don’t worry if you are not very good at cooking, these recipes are also for you!



Caroline and Ruth have enjoyed this great experience and they are preparing a new book. We can’t wait to see what are they bringing us! We really love the book’s simple style both in the recipes and in the minimal and chic illustrations…it’s so cool we could use it even to decorate the kitchen!

yummy-cookbook 4

Cookery is a great activity to spend time with your kids and while you try these yummy recipes you can experiment and find new dishes to enjoy together! Do you need anything else?

Photographies: Caroline Gomez and Ruth Lanesa.

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