Here we are lots of kids’ crafts! We really like entertaining them while they develop their creativity and surprise us with their skills. Is there anything better than making crafts with recycled materials (yes, all those things we have at home and can be easily obtained). We have carton boxes, plastic bottles and even stones so take the materials and let’s go!

Kids’ Crafts with Plastic Bottles


It’s amazing all you can do with plastic bottles. However, there are people with lots of creativity and inspiration to spend the afternoons. If you have already seen those animal heads made of plastic, here you are a very different option, a robot for those kids who love science fiction.


If you shampoo bottles are empty, you can create lovely kids’ boats. Everything is very simple, you just need a mast made with a plastic tube on a cork or simply on the boat and a matching sail. The horse is not mandatory but toys add a funny touch.


If you want to create something useful, you can make a piggy bank for their savings. Saving will be easier with this funny friend. You just need some blocks to make the legs and some colour cardboard.


Finally, we have something special for those kids who love flying high… an amazing toy rocket pack made with silver bottles and colourful felt for the flames.

Cardboard Kids’ Crafts


Is there anybody who hasn’t created a bunker with carton boxes? It’s a typical Christmas fact. You offer them a present and they start to imagine stories with the boxes. This is because carton has lots of options to be transformed into a kids’ craft. Paper rolls have already inspired us but boxes also allow the creation of whatever you can imagine. To make this, you just only need to cut and ad some tape to create the details.


If you kid loves space and rockets, there are many simple ways to have their own one. These long tubes from fabrics and other materials are perfect to create those you can see in the photo. You just need to place them vertically and paint them.


Playing houses is becoming easier with ideas like this one. You don’t have to spend a lot of money with those games where everything is done. With boxes, they can create their own toys. They are made of carton and some other materials to do the details like bottle caps to create the buttons or CD’s for the burners. You just need a bit of imagination!

Kids’ Drafts with Other Materials


Kids’ crafts with cork are really popular too because you can create really funny things with this material as it is really malleable and, furthermore, it floats. Something perfect to create boats!


This is a classic we love, collecting stones and paint them to play. Kids’ craft with stones are always in and they can create wonderful games like the dominoes, great to practice Maths!



Finally, we have one craft that’s very, very cool. Those animals made of paper bags. The perfect example of all the wonderful things you can do with simple elements. What do you thing about these kids’ crafts?