Paparajote Factory is one of those websites where you can see the carefulness and the thrill in every single 100% handmade piece of their project. Paparajote Factory  designs and produces textiles for contemporary homes.

Each collection shows its own personality, characteristic colours and specific themes. They have created “Criaturas” specially for children although they say the collection is designed for kids between 0 and 99. Their cushion’s design is so cool that they are great to every room!


Their collections are influenced by Nordic styles, but there are also  other many colours and designs plenty of happiness. So here you are some cushions for kids which will be loved by everybody! You can choose between bright colours like yellow, green or pink and Scandinavian- inspired designs in grey or black!

One of our favourite designs is the cloud. It’s very trendy and it shows the designers’origin. It’s clear that having a great material isn’t enough; you must show a wonderful design to attract people!



Apart from those funny cloud-shaped cushions, you have also a moon, the round jade and the heart. All of them have their own face so children will always have a friend with them. Maybe, they use them as characters in their invented stories…

If you want a contemporary touch in their room look for “Criaturas” in your online shop. You won’t know which one is the most beautiful! Do you know that “Paparajote” is a dessert name in Spain? It may be the origin of these sweet designs!


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