After decorating with clouds, moons and stars we want to keep looking above, the sky, the infinite space…currently, kites are everywhere! They are also present in kids’ rooms and playing areas. We all know that kites have something magic, they are inspired by celestial bodies which leave a bright track when the Sun is near them…

How to Decorate A Kids’ Room with Kites


Flying among kites is a wonderful game for kids, it invites them to practise exercise, helps the to learn in an aerodynamical way and understand meteorology better. Furthermore they have  agreat time! The interior designer Natalia Novellasdemunt talks about this new decoration trend: Ideas to decorate with kites.

“Kites are becoming a new trend to decorate kids’ spaces, they are suitable to create original compositions and you can make them by yourself (take a look to the inspiring  image, it´s really simple and original) If you want to create a harmonious  atmosphere use the same print that appears on the quilt and the cushions to create your kites. If you want to dare with a funny decoration use fabrics with a focus of attention like a print or a colour…”

+info: El país de Sarah

+info: Country Style Magazine