Trendy alert! We are here to fill your life with inspiration, to give you lots of ideas to transform your kids’ room in the most special place. We love bringing these cool trends like the light up letters, well, in fact they are not only letters because there are lots of different pieces that can also use light, including that vintage style which is always cool.

You have probably seen this element in some post about decoration and you maybe have thought it’s beautiful but too expensive. Well, we agree with you in the first statement but the second one doesn’t have to be like that. You can find these stars and letters on Menudos Cuadros online shop, they are one of their last novelties and they are really affordable.



Now you know where you can get them, you must think about the way of using them to add this personal touch to their rooms. They are details that can be placed in almost every place so they are really versatile. Maybe on the Wall, over the bed, on a shelf or simply on their bedside table. They will create a cosy space while they become the focus of attention.


Via Pinterest

Another advantage of these light up letters? They can be combined with almost every decoration. You can find them included in a B&W Nordic style or in a colourful kids’ room as we show you here. Ideas have not limit and if you choose letters they will also have a special meaning for you and your kids.


Via Pinterest

A light letter will never be unnoticed so it will be a great investment. It’s one of those objects that are part of one of the coolest trends so everybody wants to have one at home. It will provide a weak light to create a peaceful atmosphere.


Via Pinterest

Moon and stars are also great options. Every motif is cute both for redecorating the kids’ room or to create its atmosphere from the beginning. They are also a great option if you want to offer a personalized present. Every place is suitable to show these lovely elements, everything depends on your imagination. The only certain fact is that they are going to be the focus of attention. Menudos Cuadros always knows what to choose. Don’t you want to see their light novelties?

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