Agorà31 is an exhibition dedicated to the world of childhood and promotion of the design. Created by Il mondo di Eve, in collaboration with A misura di bimbo, AgorÀ31 is a curated selection of design projects and a meeting point between professionals, families and educators.

Agorà31 will run during the Milan Design Week, April 14 to 19, Via Tortona, 31 Milan. You can discover new brands and take part in workshops and laboratories. Children and adults will find new realities, experience and experiment with new materials.

Here are some projects that caught our eye.


Matto, a creative building toy

Matto is a building block set consisting of three different sizes of bricks made of terracotta. The game also contains some wooden beams of different lengths commensurate with bricks used to support doors and windows. The use of bricks and joists unfixed helps kids to know the space and learn to organize the space and the objects in it.


Il Mondo di Eve

Il Mondo di Eve makes durable kids furniture. You can find imaginative and multifunctional designs created especially for the little ones. They produce really interesting  pieces (tables, chairs, shelves), little furniture and toys.


Zanzotti Design

Zanzotti Design produces small decor items for your kids bedroom: shelves, magnetic boards, bookends…all of them made of steel and painted in nice colours.


My mirrors

My Mirrors is a collection of versatile mirrors suitable for nurseries and kids’ rooms. They haven’t got corners or sharp edges and, thanks to a special adhesive film inside, their fragments don’t disperse in case of accidental breakage.



OrtoBrick is a brick of rich soil that contains the seeds of a plant, ready for use. It’s a seedbed designed to test the indoor stage of germination and manufactured with different seeds of horticultural plants. It  generates a micro vegetable garden to be care for and nurture.

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Pictured at top: the beautiful Altalena “Pegaso” by  Arkidslab. 

+ info: Agorà31