Most children like animals very much. They learn animal sounds and names. They  wonder what this curious animal is, what does it come from. Therefore, it is common to encounter animals in children’s products: books, clothes, games, prints, soft toys. The range of beasts we can find is very wide: lions, pandas, tigers, dogs, snakes…

This season I’ve found lots of animals of the beautiful equine genus: horses and zebras. They are elegant, wild and fast creatures. They make you dream about extensive plains, interesting animal farms or exciting races.

Here are some kids’ products inspired by these fascinating creatures:

horse-prints-kids-fashion1.Wood horse from Atelier Tree Song. Stylish horse made out of maple wood. Love it!

2. Baggy Leggings horse print from Popupshop. Its AW’14 collection is one of my favourites. It’s plenty of cool and comfortable pieces. You can find atlas or animal prints, among others.

3. Sweat Shirt Grey Melange With Zebra Print from Milibe Copenhagen. I always love Milibe Copenhagen collections. This season they suggest bold prints mixed with basic clothing.


4. Thoroughbred patterned dress from Mina Perhönen. Colorful and sweet horses are all over the new Mina Perhönen’s kids collection. All the pieces (dresses, jumpsuits, backsacks… ) are stunning. Mina Perhönen patterns are so great!

5. Thoroughbred hair ornament from Minha Perhönen. A little and sweet detail (hairpin), perfect to complete an girl’s outfit.

6. Hanging Around with Bernard from Hush Karkatico. This swaddle blanket will allow you to tell to your baby lots of stories about Bernard (the horse) and its friends. Hush Karkatico makes children’s products with fine illustrations (they have an interesting Facebook page too).

Pictured at the top of this post: ‘The Fable Game’ by Enzo Mari