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Cookies Show is a new international children’s fashion and design show in Berlin. In the living & play section, afilii is presenting a great selection of toys, home accessories and children’s furniture by 12 designers from 7 different countries.

You can view splendid designs from Studio delle Alpi or Lil’Gaea (we wrote about them here and here), and also discover new products and prototypes.

Here are some designs that caught our attention.

Cookies-Show Berlin-afilii-Kinderwiege-Oszkar 2 Cookies-Show Berlin-afilii-Kinderwiege-Oszkar Cookies-Show Berlin-afilii-Kinderwiege-Oszkar 23

Little Nest by Oszkár Vági

Budapest-based designer Oszkar Vagi has created Little Nest, a hanging cradle made from felt and leather. Shaped out of one single wool felt, this cradle hugs around the baby as a protective shell taking care of  its peaceful rest. The cradle reacts to every move and wiggle the baby makes and calms them down with gentle swaying.

Judith cokkies-show-afilii-Weber_Garderobe Stuff


Stuff by Judith Weber

Stuff is the perfect accessory for the place where members of the family meet when leaving or coming home. Stuff wants to make this special place as comfortable as possible for all family members by being flexible to the different needs in changing family structures. Kids can do a lot by their own but also for parents stuff offers comfort. Stuff adapts to changing needs through a modular system.

cokkies-show-afiliiantonia lorz-dyyni3

cokkies-show-afiliiantonia lorz-dyyni

Dyyni by Antonia Renate Lorz

Wiping, hiding, sliding, withdrawing —the asymmetrical plywood-furniture can be used from children in many various ways. Lying at the floor it becomes a swing or cradle while sitting at the orange padded surface. Standing upright it is quickly transformed into a slide, a puppet theatre or a cave, whiled the upholstery inside has a sound-absorbing effect. The non-figural form invites children from different ages to transform and use Dyyni in their way.

Practical information:

Cookies Show
Tempelhof Airport Berlin
7 – 9th July

First photo: Intersections by Izabela Boloz is a series of geometric modular objects. As each module slides into the other, like two combs, form and colour meet and interweave. The work inspires interaction and invites for a creative use. Intersections provide endless opportunities and challenges for children. They can climb up and through the elements, hang, slide, hide. Everything is up to their imagination!

via afilii and Paul & Paula