Making up stories, creating characters and recognize expressions and feelings are important activities for kids. They stimulate their imagination and are also a training for a real life. Our kids can think of the perfect name for their character, investigate how it feels, invent what it is doing tomorrow and so on.

Lately, I find lots of interesting faces and funny characters around the web, such as a couple of great toys and amazing crafts. Beautiful countenances, abstract figures, lively (or boring) expressions…They are an example of creativity and maybe a good excuse to play and talk with your children.


Círculo from Ludus Ludi

Círculo is a game, a physical experiment and a poetic and artistic experience. It plays with chaos, randomness and balance end up composing an image that has been generated by the application of a mechanical force. So the possibilities are endless. One of them is this ‘abstract’ face. Love!



Scultoys by Diego Lizán

Do you remember this creative cardboard toy Diego Lizán? He is an illustrator and graphic designer creating characters and other imaginary worlds. Here are some matryoshkas and illustrated pumpkins, an object toys plenty of freshness and sweetness.


Plastorgan: Windmusic instrument made of plastic bottles

A plastic bottle can replace the noble bamboo to ape a wind organ. It only takes, with a pair of scissors, to carve a longitudinal “whistling” slit within the body of the bottle. Use different size of  the slits and create a chorale. If you paint the bottles with faces, the instrument will be even more fun. You can listen how they sound here.


Mo Bunny and Oh Deer onesies from Ark + Anako

These cute onesies made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton spread good vibes along the way! Simple and sweet characters are perfect for adding a cheerful touch to the baby clothing.


Egg Carton Masks DiY Project from Michele Made Me

What about your own face from egg cartons? This is an easy-to-find and inexpensive material and this can be an great craft project to make with your kids. I really like the different expressions you can obtain playing with their eyes and mouths.

Do you need more ideas?  If you like playing with faces, don’t miss this post.

Top image: Compainon by Phillip Grass. Poetic and humoristic stools that evoke anthropomorphic characters. Companion offers you an extra seat, a small table, or a funny piece of art.