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This is the fourth year of KidsroomZOOM at Milan Design Fair Week. This vision of design and kids decor newness has been launched by Paola Noé, from Unduetrestella. This year, KidsroomZOOM 4 is inspired by the theme “My superhero is…”, mixing childish imagination to art, design and innovative decor.

What we love about Paola Noé’s idea is that all the exhibition is placed in an apartment in the heart of the city of Milan, in a 19th century spacious and naturally lighted building. This offers us the opportunity to see amazing designer children’s furniture and have an idea of what the product would look like in our kids rooms.


Letter-shaped chairs by Il Mondo di Eve

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Mini upholstery by KlipKlap

There are different rooms, and in each of them it is possible to see objects and projects of various firms dedicated to the childish world. The convertible eco crib by Ovalá, the cute hanging crib by Lallaba, or the multi-functional seatings by Klip Klap. Each piece of furniture and each toy is designed to delight both parents and children. Today, you can check that a good design kids furniture is not at odd with a perfect functionality and a perfect appearance.

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Another funny aspect of this largest trade fair is that nothing is static, activities and workshops are held surrounded by all those rooms and furniture. One of these activities was about “Create your own Superhero”. Children had a cuddly toy to which they could sew and add everything they wanted: masks, capes, clothing, bows, buttons and anything that crosses their minds. If there’s something that current designers know is that creativity is an important tool that we should never stop using, and our children should develop because they roll in it.

Other firms that passed through KidsroomZOOM 4 were Il Sacotto, with its animals-shaped puffs, Nonah and its ecological furniture, or Soft Toys, with its softest fashion toys. We can’t forget the original furniture by Muzzle Design or the house-shaped shelves by Due Punti Spazio. We could go on listing firms and news, but the best is for you to see all these ideas that were shown in this fair, which leave nobody who likes decor unmoved. Don’t tell me you haven’t imagined it in your kids room yet!

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Tent by Kalon Studio

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