Fairs are a good place to find out the best and more innovative designs. More and more events are taking place in the area of kids design, and we can enjoy discovering new fresh projects.

On September 10th and 11th, afilii– the platform for design fit for kids, for the first time ever at the Design Post Köln, will be showcasing creative, functional and meaningful play products and children’s furniture by 28 designers and manufacturers from eight different countries, as well as prototypes by young designers from Germany and Korea.

We love the selection of designers and brands: the modern dollhouse from Boomini, furniture from Kalon Studios or Little Nest by Oszkár Vági among others. Here’s a small selection of my favourites:

Me Too from Magis

It is a collection of kid’s furniture and accessories created in 2004 to enable children to experience the creativity, sensations and solutions dreamt up by the big names in contemporary design. You will find sturdy, lightweight chairs, indestructible rocking horses, storage for hidden treasures, flying carpets and suspended figures…


Acid Revolution from Muakbabi

This geometrical collection wants to shake the creativity of children and adults through a creative and vital revolution. Composed of 3 rugs inspired in geometric shapes and joined by acid line colors, proposed revolutionize space playing with the pieces.


Fun in a case from Innedit Kids

It is a set of boxes that can be combined to create different playing scenarios. It provides removable stickers that can characterize the combinations from a plane, a market, a theater, a boat, a doll house, a workshop or a kitchen. And up to 12 different games.

frida _wohnt-kids-furniture

Furniture series Frida from Frida Wohnt

It is a sturdy table/seat combination that has it all. Optically a classic home furniture, functionally a varied furniture for children. Depending on the position it will be kitchenette, cave, boat and with the spirit of discovery a lot more. The colored storage box fits perfectly into or under the seat.

Top image: Saya from Arper. In 2014, Arper presented its first children’s chair: Saya Mini, design by Lievore Altherr Molina. It is perfectly suited for little people in a vibrant colour palette of chair shells and metal sled bases that can be combined freely.