Since IKEA appeared the world of kids’ decoration has offered us the chance to change it whenever we want to. Children grow up very fast and their rooms must be adapted to them, so the Swedish giant shows a huge choice of styles to change their space without spending a lot of money.

We bring you nice and functional children’s desks for this phase when they have lots of homework and they need their own place to get concentration. Micke desk is a good option for kids’ rooms.

Decorating with Washi Tape


We find an image where the table is the focus of attention provided that is the only piece with is not made of wood. Micke, together with the bin and the washi tape are the most important elements in this rooms’ decorations. Washi tape is very cool to decorate their rooms!

Ikea’s Micke Kids’ Desk: Nordic Look



Scandinavian style is always the right option even in children’s rooms and it’s perfect to help them to concentrate because of its warmth and calm. The white and wood version matches this trend perfectly.

Micke Desk with Mondrian Look



If you want a different touch for their room you can always customize your table. Here, you can see how it has been turned into a Mondrian’s artwork piece with his characteristic colour combination. You will only need some yellow, red and blue paint and some black for the edges.

Kids’ Desks: Pink Micke



The pink version is perfect for the most romantic girls. In this space, pink is the main colour and it’s present in other pieces like the bookcase, the chair, the rug and the printed curtain.

Ikea’s Micke Table for Kids: Total White



A total white style with a touch of color provided with the wallpaper and some other details. Furthermore, the contrast with the known Ghost Chair adds a personal touch to the set.