Cavalier, an innovative kids fashion label from Singapore, has just released their lookbook Series 2: Hunger Strikes. You will find brave, creative clothing that encourage children’s imagination.

I love their cool and edgy style, playful shapes and quirks and fascinating details. Cavalier designs sartorial streetwear, a great mix of functional wear and versatile pieces. Angela Chong and Perry Lam, the founders, like to dress kids in clothing that sparks a creative freedom of expression.

They propose comfortable and fearless clothing for kids, and, great news!, now also for parents (check out their adult pieces!).

Cavalier Series 2: Hunger Strikes



D-Strokes Top by Cavalier for Series 2


D-Tension dress for Cavalier Series 2


D-Tail Skirt for Cavalier Series 2

Be sure to check out their Series 1. It’s plenty of cool clothes!

Top Image: a teaser to Series 3, the Pasche Dress is an ode to English designer John Pasche of the legendary tongue and lips logo for The Rolling Stones. The mouth is constructed with lightweight neoprene for comfort and poof. 

+ info: Cavalier