“We don’t want to grow up” This is the motto of this brand lost in Neverland where kids are kids forever and fantasy creates its patterns which are sewed with children smiles.

Stay Little offers collections suitable for babies and kids until 16 but they only create 20 pieces for every size because they want to keep that unique magic of exclusivity.

Dreams, thrill and fantasy play an important role in the design of those special clothes. Every piece tries to transform their daily life into a magic world where they can live their own fairy tale, dreaming once and again about being kids forever.


Their last collection is wrapped by elegance and sweetness. Every piece seems to have its own story…Maybe they have been created by fairies, why not?

An autumn magic light covers the garments and we can see their lovely lines as well as the care present in every single detail. These are amazing pictures that can surprisingly describe what a magic childhood is. Taking a look to these images we remember that special feeling…When you knew that fantasy was everywhere and also imagined all the wonderful things hidden around you…


Once upon a time some, somebody decided that kids should enjoy magic and unique clothes to wrap the most fantastic moment in their lives. A bit of fairy dust and…Stay Little was born to dress all those little magic beings…


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