We have fallen in love with absolutely everything! From that functional furniture to décor accessories and textiles. It’s the result of a joint work made by the French magazine Milk and the furniture brand Habitat. What a mix! The room stylings we are showing today are clear examples of a kids’ space where everything was carefully selected from the beginning.

The furniture pieces combine the natural oak with a grey-blue shades for an elegant and harmonious result. Blue and mustard yellow are the main tones for the décor accessories, and bunnies and little houses are the principal graphic motifs of the collection (if you take a look, you will find them everywhere!).

Blue and Mustard, the Perfect Match


We really like this colour combination as we have already seen it previously but — in this case— the result is simply perfect. They have found all kind of details, from the furniture to the kids’ tent or textiles. This shared room can be used by both boys and girls so it’s great! Take a look at the bunk bed with bedding in blue and mustard yellow tones, the chest of drawers, and the painted wicker baskets next to them.

You can also opt for a trundle bed (as you can see in the first picture of the post).  It is also very functional because a bed is hidden in the drawer.


Kids Room Décor Accessories – Milk x Habitat


Bunnies are the motif so they have been added in several ways, even as lamps. They are also present on cushions, bedding prints or figures. If they are their favourite animal we are sure they will love this room.



We really love everything in these kids’ room designs. From the colour palette to the cute prints of those accessories which have been carefully selected. There are many trendy pieces so open your eyes and take a look at the house-shaped night tables, the wicker baskets or the animal-shaped cushions.


+info: Habitat ¦ Milk Magazine