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Studio delle Alpi is a design studio founded in 2012 by Anne Kieffer and Arnaud Mouriamé, two designers who like to create objects with simple lines and bright colours that bring fun to the little ones. Each piece is considered to be unique and great care is being taken of its making. A point is made in the choice of materials and production process that are eco-responsible.

We are a big fans of their Play-wood collection which is full of amusing toys and furniture made of plywood and printed with the technique of silkscreen (you can see all of them here). Today we show you Cargo line, a new range of kid’s furnishing that combined functionality, beauty and fun.

Cargo Line: multifunctional furniture for kids

Recently they presented their new products at uneduetrestella Design Week and they’re amazing. Cargo line is a new collection dedicated for storing and transporting objects and toys.

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kids-furniture-studio-delle-alpi-cargo -line

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These set of playful storage units are composed by a square box and a triangle trailer. The trailer can be used separately (we’re sure your child enjoy transporting playthings inside it) and each box can sit individually in the trailer, can be rotated in multiple positions or can be piled up.

This set (box + trailer) is multipurpose and meant be used as a toy box, a night table or even as a mini cabinet. Love!

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