Scandinavian charm is so lovely that we are always bringing you new interesting brands in the case you are fans like us. The Dutch brand Woood has been designing, producing and distributing high-quality solid pine, birch and oak wood furniture. We will find cute kids’ furniture with simple lines and high quality.


We are sure you have fallen in love with the original teepee bed in the first picture. There are lots of children’s beds with different ideas, but we love these spaces which can be used to play during the day and to sleep at night. It’s like a mini refuge in their own room and there is a lot of open space to control everything. Its simple shapes and its basic tones make it suitable to every style.

In this case, the Indians and cowboys theme is wonderful because it looks like a teepee. It depends on every child’s tastes. Anyway, this brand offers a great choice of ideas with Nordic charm you will love.


Another wonderful idea to complete this cool room is this teepee –shaped shelf. Perfect to match the bed although it can also be a great option to be combined with other Nordic furniture. It’s really simple to order their things easily. We love the mix of wood tones and white, it provides a natural look to everything.


This final idea is used to show you the things you can find at Woood. Really simple furniture which everybody is able to combine properly to get a final elegant and original result. In addition, these quality pieces will last for a long time. This table is perfect for that moment when they grow up and need an extra space to study or read. But there are many more things in the shop, Don’t you want to visit it?

But there are many more things in the shop, Don’t you want to visit it?

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