Objets Mécaniques is a slow design laboratory whose mission is to design everyday objects using sustainable materials and techniques. They offer wood furniture, housewares and toys, all produced in small series of unique pieces. Usually made from local and reclaimed materials, each object is carefully handmade.

We love the basic yet delicately design of their products, the effortless look of their pieces and the subtle accents in white or pastel colours. This Montreal-based studio knows how add calm and softness on all of its works.

All of Objets Mécaniques children’s pieces are made to order of locally sourced wood finished with non-toxic natural oils and paints.



Kids chairs painted with stealth bits of pale colour



Little houses made of various types of wood. Some of them soaked in part into a non-toxic milk paint


Outdoor swing. Hang it to a low tree branch and it will make you happy! It smells so good!


This tent for kids is perfect for reading, playing or napping. You can choose between three patterns: thin black confetti, pale pink confetti or gold polka dots.

If you are looking some beautiful homeware, take a look at their cutting boards, you’re going to love them!

First photo: a transitional bed that can be transformed into a daybed. Love!

+ info: Objets Mécaniques