Kids’ areas in hospitals try to be as nice as possible in order to make kids and parents feel comfortable. However, there are surprising ideas which amaze us with their creativity and their combination with hospital’s atmosphere.

This project was performed by the Small Foundation which wanted to turn the children’s oncology zone of the Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona into a cosy and funny place. There is no doubt they have got it. Do you want to see these kids’ spaces plenty of fantasy?



The creators of this project have considered everything. Staff, kids, and parents’ needs were taken into account to create spaces where they can feel comfortable. Fantasy and diversity of themes provide a childish and funny look that —unfortunately— is not present in other hospitals.

The treatment area is like an F1 box, the waiting room looks like a forest and the common zones are plenty of planets and spaceships, so kids can dream for a while and have a great time although they are in a hospital.




In spite of being so funny, these spaces’ decoration is not “too much”. They remind Scandinavian simplicity so is wonderful to keep the staff relaxed. This idea is a win-win deal because humour and atmospheres are clearly improved. Interior design can be really important for our well-being.

This is a wonderful idea because it adds this touch of imagination and fantasy to a place where kids don’t use to feel comfortable. This design has been really successful both among kids and adults because of its playing and relaxing areas. This example should be considered by many hospitals, don´t you think?


Via Yorokobu