Looking to the cool things in this party for Wild West Indians, we are considering to prepare a themed party about Indians just for fun! Pay attention to this amazing inspiration we find in the Marie Claire idees Magazine to dress them like Indians with all kind of details, wonderful makeup, plumes, plaits and cool and almost Bohemian Indians costumes. Can you resist it?

DIY Indian Costumes


Collect all the plumes you have at home, add flowers, ripped fabrics and strings and you have the perfect combination to get a perfect DIY Indian costume. Kids will have a great time while they choose the details for their handmade costume. The dresses can be created with simple brown or brick red garments, made of suede or light materials. You don’t always need those typical fringes to get the funniest Indian costumes, here you are the proof! Don’t forget to focus the attention on ornaments like those strings with plumes, flowers and plaits!



If you have one of those cute teepees to offer them a refuge in the kids’ room, you almost have everything for your Indian party. If you want to add more chic touches, you can also decorate it with some of the accessories you have created for kids, like the plumes or the colourful strings. You mustn’t forget the makeup to complete their DIY kids’ costumes!

Indian Kids’ Party


In this case, they have gone beyond a simple teepee and they have created a puppet theatre with some sticks and fabrics. Everything is DIY, from the stage to the puppets that have been created with sticks and little headdresses to look like Indians. They also use strings and plumes to get a funny look, add colour everywhere to get a happy atmosphere!


Via Marie claire idees (There are tutorials to get these wonderful results)

Photos: Frederic Lucano