Does your little one have any problems to have breakfast? Choose a funny table set to attract them and transform that moment into another game. These mugs and bowls have a vintage touch, inspired by the classical ceramic sets in black and white. The design includes lovely and friendly characters and animals which make that moment funnier for kids.

Wee Gallery offers a huge selection of cute mugs and bowls which are combined among them. The design is really functional and some of them have even two handles to make everything easier. The mug is the animal’s body and the bowl is the head and once together they form a funny animal to play with. This is an attractive way of making breakfast more attractive.


We think is a grat present even for adults because mums also love having breakfast in those lovely mugs. It’s a good option to add a touch of joy to the whole family’s mornings and there are lots of designs to choose: a funny sheep, the only one with brown touches, an elegant carácter with a bow tie, a friendly dog and a lovely panda.

If you want the whole collection, they even offer really cool matching plates. You can create great characters by mixing the plates. We have a cute and funny design at the same time so kids will be attracted by the breakfast idea! Which is your favourite?


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