Today, we bring you an original inspiration for kids’ rooms where wood is the main element. It’s a bungalow located in France that has been carefully decorated  (you will confirm this with every single picture). Furthermore, every single piece and ornament seems to have a special story behind it.

It’s inspired by Nordic Style that is always great because of its simplicity and harmony but —at the same time— they know how to add retro touches with antique furniture and a boho vibe. Those crochet quilts or the jute rug are really nice. Pay attention to the colours because they are really special! White and wood are the main tones but there are also some touches of pastel and flashy colours. Traditional is updated here!


Naturalness is the perfect word to describe this children’s room. Traditional materials, lamps that seem to be handmade and that natural wood that doesn’t need any other presentation. We love the personality in every detail, those retro chairs showing different models and the bamboo table (imagine yourself with your kids during a winter’s rainy afternoon while you have a cup of coffee…delicious!).

The furniture shows simple and basic lines. They are pieces really easy to combine although the white floor helps to focus the attention on them. Pay attention to every single detail takes its time because they are spaces with their own lives, with lots of stories and secrets to tell.


Even the entrance to the room is a good place to play! A great poster to colour on the wall, the funny retro flamingo welcoming us and lots of toys, of course, made of wood. Authentic is trendy, you decide the rules!


Wood is an element that has increased its value in spaces like this one. We can find this material in the playing area and also in the table and the chairs to write or paint. It’s a peaceful place to remind those traditional games which were focused on kids’ imagination.

We have also fallen in love with the other bed, this spool has been turned into a bedside table and it’s an amazing recycling idea. Teepee is a piece that we have seen in several kids’ rooms, it invites them to imagine their own stories or to create their favourite refuge, also with wood. Have you seen all the details and inspiration? Which is your favourite one?

Via Mahalolena ¦  Vtwonen