This spacial brand offers a great selection of garments “created under the full moon. Best for night walks on roofs playing with stardust and formal meetings with UFOs”. Imagination, creativity and dreams are key concepts in their designs.

What can you find?

Their autumn and winter collection is “all about minimalistic silhouettes, strong contours and contrasting tones. The sky gets dark as the Moon moves in front of the Sun – TOTAL ECLIPSE is here. As the light is obscured the colours are limited to monochromatic tones – blacks, grays and powdery pinks. Full-bodied quilted jackets and vests, ombre denim dresses and skirts, geometrical tops cast shadows and play with our vision.” Their lovely an clear introduction is enough to create an accurate idea of what the brand is trying to express. You can start dreaming with its simple Reading…imagine what can your kids feel by wearing these magic clothes!


They are experts in the creation of original and cool clothes with a touch of futuristic taste (with those trendy grey touches). We can appreciate the carefully created design used to get a sophisticated garment but, at the same time, every single piece of clothes keeps its children spirit!


As you can see, all their clothes are deeply related to the moon, so be prepared to enjoy the eclipse!