Every time we visit the Dos Family web we are positively surprised. They show their extravagant and authentic point of view about life. Some time ago, we found this playground in Stockholm. Is there anybody better to visit it than Peter, an imaginary boy, who has a walk with his parents during a hot afternoon of September? What do you think he would do if he found this place where nature and animals are the main elements?

“We were having a walk across Kristinebergs Slottspark, a public playground in Stockholm recently opened. While we walked, we suddenly saw some enormous owls between trees. Surprised, we followed their direction and the more we ran the bigger they became. As soon as we arrived there, we realized that they were really big and that there were lots busy animals at their feet”


“The floor was plenty of ants and we decided to follow them to their ant’s nest that was a labyrinth with lots of entrances. When we finally came out, we found some beetles, what a fright! They walk very fast and they were too big but we were brave enough to get the controls they had on their tummy!”


“Then, we went to see the owl king and queen but we spent some time swinging ourselves with some of the rings that were  hanging from a giant mushroom! We saw a field plenty of flowers and enormous leaves. We came into a long tunnel inside the king. Suddenly, we realized we were inside the queen. Some stairs took us to a very long sledge to the floor. It was so exciting…!”



Kristinebergs Slottspark has been created by Monstrum, a Danish company formed by designers and artists specialized in performing arts. They design and build enormous playgrounds to improve kids’ imagination, creativity and learning in a funny way.

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