When we are decorating kids’ walls, we tend to choose cool wallpapers but in spite of that huge choice of wonderful designs, we must remember that there are other suitable options which must also be considered as well as those amazing murals for children’s rooms.

This virtual project of children’s room created by MonoStudio shows how different walls can be if we choose a mural with animals, objects or landscapes. In this case, a picture of a rabbit is the focus of attention of this room plenty of personality. What about the balloon-shaped lamp?


The neutral tones in the mural are perfect to share the attention with the rest of the elements in the room . This kids’ space would be really beautiful even without the mural but it provides a distinctive touch to turn the room into a unique atmosphere.

They have decorated the walls in a different way and it’s really surprising because everybody tends to use a wallpaper or a mural, without decorating the rest of the walls. However, they have completed the rabbit mural with some buttons and spotted wallpaper on the other walls, sharing green and blue tones. The contrast is really original.


We can also see some of those stickers with funny button hangers which seem to be sewn on the wall. They are combined with a spotted geometrical motif we can see on the other walls and also in textiles. Everything has been carefully chosen, with lots of round lines and a funny rabbit which will help us to wake up every day as in the Alice in Wonderland tale.


Via Monostudio