Decoration trends are always bringing new things to create a new obsession. As far as summer inspiration is concerned, we can’t deny that we are totally in love with pineapples and flamingos but we have space for cacti too. Those plants full of prickles and those intense green tones have made us fall in love with them. Who wants to add a piece of dessert to the children’s room?

Kids’ Textiles with Lots of Cacti

Can a cactus be soft? Of course, they can if we are talking about those cacti printed on kids’ textiles. There isn’t anything more colourful or funnier than a bedding set full of cacti. That’s perfect for those little travelers who want to get lost in the dessert. Why not mix those flashy prints with a vintage wicker bed? The result can’t be more fun and beautiful.

Cactus-Shaped Decorative Accessories

Sometimes, accessories add that special touch to the spaces. In this case, we can see a hero-shaped lamp made of light wood, matching that cool cactus-shaped wooden mirror. Hello-hello shows, once again, wicker as the perfect partner for cacti. We actually love natural elements and special materials.

Natural Cacti for the Kids’ Room

Considering kids touch and take everything, cacti may not be a great idea for the kids’ room. However, it will be a perfect option for the nursery as babies won’t touch it. Anyway, you can also choose a fake cactus to add that ethnic touch and avoid possible accidents. White Moss shows this cool nursery where, once again, wicker is used to get a natural look which is completed with a wooden ladder and white and natural tones.

The Softest Cuddly Cactus


If you want a cactus to hug it, here you are the perfect one for your little ones. An enormous cactus will add an intense green touch to the room. What do you think about this cactus inspiration?


Need more ideas? Have a look at this amazing post.

First picture: Miniwilla has created a simple yet hypnotic green cactus poster. A simple yet bright way to incorporate this trend into your kid’s room.