One of the most beautiful materials to use in a kids room is natural wood. Wood in all it’s raw, naked, pale glory. We often feel tempted to paint natural wood but when you leave it raw, the results can be breathtakingly beautiful.

I especially like natural wood for a kids room because there is something so innocent and real about it, much like children themselves. Also no matter how small a room is, natural wood just works because it has such a light and airy feel and can make a small space look bigger. You can use lots of it like in the room above that has all the big pieces of furniture in natural wood.  But if you prefer, a few pieces of natural wood furniture can still add a beautifully natural look to a child’s room.  Here are some stunning natural wood rooms to inspire you:

natural-kids-room-1Natural wood instantly gives you a minimal look and feel. I love the bed in this kids room but the best bit is the paneling on the wall in natural wood.  This is a great and budget-friendly way to add a natural wooden feel to a room.

natural-kids-room-2This is a tiny room and also very narrow, yet by using only natural wood they have made the room feel spacious. The wooden bed and storage cabinets are big but still feel perfect for this small room because of the wood.  Also how clever is the bed/storage combo idea for a room this size?

natural-kids-room-3If you love a bit of colour, natural wood works beautifully when paired with soft pastel shades. In this room, they have kept the beauty of the wood and added small pastel accents with wall stickers and a bit of paint.

natural-kids-room-4In this room they have chosen a simple forest inspired theme, taking inspiration from the colours of nature. Using greens, browns and blacks is a more minimal way of adding a bit of colour and the result is just beautiful. (Discover more details of this room here).

natural-kids-room-5Lastly, if you want to keep things very minimal and get the true Scandinavian look, pair natural wood with lots of white, like in the room above. This room feels like a breath of fresh air.

There is so much beauty in natural wood so it’s no surprise that you’re seeing it used more and more in kids rooms. After looking at these rooms, I am tempted to re-decorate my daughter’s room now!  Have you fallen in love with natural wood yet?

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