Imagine you have spent months thinking about the children’s room decorations. You have spent a lot of time choosing furniture textile and some other details. However, you have realized there’s something missing, a funny touch which adds a colourful touch to the set. Well, we have the perfect idea, wonderful felt ball garlands.

There are several kinds of garlands, they can be made of paper figures, pompoms or they can even appear as dreamy light garlands. But today we bring you garlands made of colourful wool balls. They are funny, simple and add happiness to every place. Now you just have to think about its colours, just one or lots of them!


We know what are you thinking about: this cardboard deer would be really boring without the garland. This is the effect that we want to get in the kids’ room.  You will possibly find them playing with it once and again!


There are also available in pastel tones for those parents who prefer them. As you can see, they also include balls to decorate every element like the vase or the glass jar filled with it. It’s a way to create harmony in spite of combining several different elements.


Scandinavian style lovers, here you are your perfect garland. It’s white and pale pink, a really modest model. As you can see, it’s perfect for this monochromatic style. It adds a dreamy and happy touch to the children’s room. Have you got inspiration from these garlands?

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