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Let’s sail together! We feel as real sailors looking at these kids’ rooms inspired by the sea. The mysterious and amazing sea, full of wonderful creatures such as whales and dolphins, a place to live lots of adventures like pirates or sailors. Kids’ imagination will be focused on sea stories if we choose this theme for this children’s room.

There’s a great example of a wonderful room for kids. Marine kids’ wall stickers, a buoy-shaped lamp and textiles with lots of seagulls. Sea atmosphere is subtle but it has been represented in a very original way.

Marine Kids’ Room with Whales


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Kids become crazy with animals, from the wildest ones in Africa to those on the farm and —of course— sea animals. This is why they have chosen this amazing inspiration with whales. We don’t need a lot to show our love for sea atmospheres, only a beautiful whale-shaped cotton doll (this is from BigStuffed) and a big poster with those great animals.

Kids’ Room with Sea Animal-Shaped Cushions


Via Pauletpaula

Another great option is adding little details about sea theme, for example in the kids’ textiles with some marine animals. Grampa Paris offers really great animal-shaped cushions in beautiful colours. We are  in love with the octopus! They will love playing with all those legs!

Kids’ Room Inspired by Fish


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Here, we can also see how fish can also be a great source of inspiration. Fish on the wardrobe from XO-inmyroom, on the wall and a fish shop (created by Macarena Bilbao). It’s a very funny idea for a play room.

Marine Inspiration, Walls with Scales


Via Tellkiddo

Here you are some inspiration for little mermaids. Scales are always linked with fish so it’s not a better way to decorate the walls. A simple wallpaper plenty of marine personality!