Today I want to show you a simple and cute monochrome boy’s room. Black and white is a great background for a clean and bright child’s room. White is the main colour in this bedroom and you’ll find it in furniture, walls and floor. Black adds graphic accents to the room.

Letters and numbers are important in this decor project. A letter garland, a paper bag with numbers print, some quote posters and, of course, a huge black letter placed in headboard. 

Let’s have a look at more details.


As you know, black & white style can be dressed up or down with colourful accessories (and toys). And it’s also a cool colour scheme for teens.


The workspace is so clean and organized! Eames chair brings style and comfort to any room.


For storing toys, they chose Paper bag Numbers and Lego boxes, functional products that also combine perfectly with the rest of the decor.


In the bed area, graphic style is present in many elements of the decoration, such as bedding or posters.

And the letter… How no fell in love with the oversized letter on the wall?

+ info:  Charly’s Style of Life