Yellow is such a happy colour. Seeing a pop of yellow can instantly brighten your mood.  This isn’t surprising as the colour yellow stands for happiness, optimism, confidence and is uplifting too. As yellow is the happiest colour of all, I think it’s a great choice for a kids room. But as it’s such a bright colour, a little goes a long way.

I love yellow as it works so well for boy or girl and even a unisex shared room. I went looking for some kids rooms that have just the right amount of yellow to add a pop of cheer to the room. If you’re thinking of adding a pop of yellow to your kids room, these rooms will give you lots of ideas:


How fun is this room shared by two brothers? Your eyes are immediately drawn to the yellow headboards which don’t dominate but add that playful pop of yellow. Mixed with the all black patterns and a few other pops of colour, this room couldn’t be any more fun!


From a modern room to a vintage one, yellow works with any style of decor.  In this room by adding just one big, bright yellow chair, they have added a splash of sunshine to the room. The bright yellow is perfectly complemented by the little touches of mustard and light yellow throughout the room.


Posters and wall decorations are another great way to add a pop of bright, sunny yellow to a kids room just like in this room. And if you ever feel like a change of colour, these can easily and quickly be replaced.


For a bolder yellow look, this shared room does it so well.  The bright yellow beds in this room really stand out. Even though the beds are bright and bold, the whole look works really well as the rest of the room has been decorated simply in white with touches of black.


When talking about pops of yellow, I couldn’t leave out this room. What an imaginative way to add a bold yellow statement to a kids room with just paint.  Yellow paint is a quick and easy way to add some sunshine to a kids room but as this room shows us, you can be so creative with it.

Are you tempted to brighten up your kids rooms with a splash of happy, sunny yellow?

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