We spend the whole day looking at Nordic spaces where white is the main element and we really love them. However, different and daring options can also have amazing results. This eclectic Dutch house includes red in every floor. We really love chromotherapy, red will fill every space with positive energy!

A house which belongs to a couple of architects must be special. They made a complete overhaul of the house and decided to have red painted wooden floors which fill every space of this old house next to the beach.

There are several kids in the house and they love this floor and its funny colour. They can enjoy this wonderful tone everywhere! You will find different details in every room like that toy cow or storage items for their things. There’s no doubt that it has been designed to be enjoyed for the whole family!


We are completely in love with the kids’ room, one of those charming spaces to add to our list. It will become one of our favourite with this amazing floor! We love the idea both in red or any beautiful colour!

We have also noticed the funny wallpaper which seems a colour book for kids (it was designed by the mother). What a vibrant and creative children’s room!



The kids room gathers the main features of the whole house. Light tones, lots of white are used to balance the effect of the red floor. They have combined vintage and modern details and some restored pieces of furniture that add a charming touch.

What do you think about this home?

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