Who doesn’t want to become an astronaut when they’re a child? Outer space is one of the biggest mysteries with its galaxies, stars and vastness, waiting for adventures to happen. What better idea for a children’s room theme? The Inspiration Edit shares a fantastic décor idea for the walls to turn into a zone where your kids can dream of spaceships, planets and astronauts — the whole cast for a very original baby room. You can find the Kids Space Rocket Wall Mural on Murals Wallpaper.

Moonspiration for children’s rooms


Once more, we’ve found so many inspiring ideas on Instagram. On the top of our list is this adorable children’s print of the moon. We love children’s prints because they are meaningful details which we can easily renew because of how affordable they are. Don’t miss this great idea for your children’s room!


When it comes to wall decorating, we can use all sorts of items. In this case, Monbebecheri presents a spectacular moon wall sticker. In fact, it seems as if it was coming out straight from the wall — another great idea to make the walls the protagonist and dream of open skies.

Starry walls in children’s rooms


A wall that turns into a starry night is a brilliant and very creative suggestion. You can get an idea of the way it looks in this kid’s bedroom by La Redoute. It will be so easy to have good dreams in this room, especially if we add cloud-printed bedding.


This last idea by Mr Fox Magazine is also super cool, astronauts included. Your little ones will love picturing themselves in space, floating the same way these brave astronauts do, while they discover new planets. They will never stop playing in a room as inspiring as this one!

If you love this theme for your kid’s room, don’t miss this post about children’s furniture inspired by the universe with incredible ideas.