We really love showing kids’ wallpapers collections to inspire you! This is a trendy element that provides lots of ideas as there are lots of designs to enjoy changing the walls of the kids’ room. As we are already in spring, we are going to consider some funny and colourful wallpapers according to this great season. Onlydecolove knows that a wallpaper with some characters in the forest can be the perfect Romantic touch for this spring.

Pineapple Wallpaper


Pineapples are colourful and tropical. It can be said that this wallpaper found on Instagram is also perfect for summer so we can decorate walls with it while we are waiting for the hot season. They add a funny touch to the kids’ room. Do you like this trend? Here you will find more Tropical inspiration for the kid’s room and here some amazing déco accessories.

Wallpaper with Birds and Flowers


Spring is full of life! Swallows come back, the birds’ tweets can be clearly heard and days are longer, everything is full of colour, just as this wallpaper seen at Zara’s editorial, full of birds and flowers everywhere. As the background is white, it’s not too much, it even shows an elegant look. Liven up traditional design with the hottest spring colours! 

Animal Wallpaper


Ferm Living brings a simple style for the most Romantic spring with lots of pastel tones. Pastel tones are going to be a trend, this is why we can find it in several kids’ wallpapers like this one with swans that fill the walls.

Colourful Wallpaper



We always link spring to bright colours, flowers and trees so this creative children’s wallpaper seen on Instagram is a great representation of spring.

Wallpaper with Pastel Tones


After intense colours, we find pastel tones. Light design to remind those sunny long days. A wall with simple blue clouds is another Instagram idea to make us know that spring is here.